Discipline is the precondition for the peace progress and prosperity

It is universal truth that discipline is the precondition for the peace progress and prosperity. In this background it is an open secret that without the enforcement of strict discipline we would not be able to develop the institutions as a model one which is our prime objective. In this view of the matter the students admitted in this Institute shall have to abide by the rules regulations and the directions of the Management at all costs. The Management reserves the right to penalize and even to expel and remove a student found indulged in acts of indiscipline as such acts are not in the interest of any one. They are not allowed to join any agitation, union or party while studying in this institute.


1.   Every student admitted in this institute will have to attend classes in the prescribed dress which will consist of Black Full Pant, White Shirt and Black Shoes. Dress will be arranged by the students themselves before the inauguration of class.